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Hydrochloric Acid Chlorine Dioxide Kit NaClO2 HCL 4oz Set

Crystal Clear 

Chlorine Dioxide Kits

Vapor Distilled Water for purity. Water purification, Spray disinfectant, On site generation of chlorine dioxide

Sodium Chlorite 22.4% NaClO2 Hydrochloric Acid 4.5% HCl

We know the importance of receiving your product on time, undamaged and with the correct information on how to use it is very important. We provide this so that you can see the benefits of our product once it arrives. Bottle type varies due to suppliers. 


Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

  • some ask why others have 25%... ours is also 25% tech grade NaClO2 (tech grade is a high grade and rates 80%). 25% solution with 2.6% earth salts and 22.4%. sodium chlorite. 25-2.6=22.4



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