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Family Health Products Sea Salt Pure and Natural

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Sea Salt Unrefined Pure and Natural Organic Fine Granules  

Natural Trace Mineral Sea Salt

Our Unrefined Sea Salt, extracted and harvested directly from seawater. The Seabed makes it 100% PURE and Organic.

Unrefined sea salt

Has a full complement of good for you trace minerals. like sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc Bring the benefits of the sea to your table with our 100% PURE Sea Salt Unrefined Trace Minerals Essential elements. 



  1. Guaranteed Analysis


  1. Salt(NaCl) 71%-74%

  2. Sodium 22%-25%

  3. Calcium 0.3%-1%

  4. Magnesium 1%

  5. Sulfur 0.75%



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