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Sodium Ascorbate buffered Vitamin C Powder 16 oz bag Non Gmo USP FCC Kosher

Vitamin C powder Sodium Ascorbate Non Gmo sourced, Food grade USP FCC to provide a higher quality. Vitamin C powder Sodium Ascorbate  has several beneficial purposes including developing and maintaining healthy skin and bones, and plays an important role in many biochemical reactions. Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate Powder is an inexpensive buffered form of Vitamin C and ours is Pharmaceutical Grade. Vitamin C powder Sodium Ascorbate Powder is : A highly effective antioxidant that can help maintain healthy tissues by neutralizing free radicals generated during normal metabolism and exposure to environmental stressors. Sodium helps regulate the amount of water in the body. It also aids the movement of sodium into and out of cells, which plays a critical role in many bodily functions this all according to the national institute of health's consumer fact sheet on vitamin c powder and it's other forms such as sodium ascorbate.
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